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Bill Clark

Always On Top

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As I'm collecting trivia, show information and other drivell for my newsletter, I often have three or four windows open as I'm entering the text in a notepad window. As I switch back to the source documents, the notepad with what I'm writing goes to the back. Same thing might happen with a video you are watching. When you go to another window, the movie gets covered up. According to one of the Microsoft support forums, they have no utility to make a window always be on top and they suggested an add-on, Always On Top. The one I found was at this link.

Download Always on Top - Keep Any Window Visible Always

Click on the hyperlinked word Dropbox and run the exe. (Don't click on any thiing called Download. Its an ad)

When you want a window to stay on top, simply hit control-space. Another control space makes it behave normally.


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Sounds good Bill. I usually use "restore down" to make a smaller window and work with 2-3 windows at a time, although they are small windows.:D

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