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Trying to ID carb on 55 Special (264 auto)


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Feel a little foolish. Decided to run the tank low so I could remove it to get the sender unit replaced/fixed.

Managed to run it a little TOO low. I am guessing some grit got carried into the carb as the engine now keeps cutting out and the carb is SOAKED in gas. I suspect grit got into the fuel chamber meaning the float won't seat.

The previous owner fitted an electric fuel pump and so every time I turn the ignition on I see little spurts of gas shooting out of the carb, not cool...

I bought a new vacuum fuel pump which I will get fitted but I am trying to ID the carb so I can get a rebuild kit. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

It says Stromberg Aerotype but that's about it.







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I think all the I.D. you need is those numbers on the base of the carburetor, that show in the first photo. However, you might not need a kit--just take the top off of the carb., and clean the needle and seat--that might do it.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

Thanks but the car was already not running smoothly so I am in search of a rebuild kit. Again, if anyone can point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated.

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Stromberg STAMPED the identification numbers on the top surface of the top casting. The numbers should be located looking straight down on the bowl cover along the side opposite the choke housing. You will need to clean this area, as the numbers are stamped (recessed) into the casting. Buick was customer 7 to Stromberg, so the numbers should be 7-???.

Once you have the identification number, rebuilding kits are readily available mail order; not so sure about from a FLAPS.


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