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What is this triangular glass jar under my hood ('63 super)

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I think the spelling on that was OptiKleen. I may be incorrect, but going by the experts I have learned from over the years, the original fluid was not the blue we are accustomed to now for windshield washer fluid, but more of a light greenish tint back in the day. I have found that four drops of yellow dye, such as the type you use to color Easter eggs, into a triangular bottle filled with the "new blue" stuff, approximates the look and color from back then. Open to corrections on that...

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Just for fun does anyone know what year these bottles first appeared ?

I think they came with the 2 speed wiper/washer option.

All my new '63 and 64 Chevrolets had them, but not any of my many '58's or my '59 Chevy.

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Earliest I'm sure of is 1960 as I have seen several 1960 GM cars with it, though some of the Chevy vendors reference it as early as 1958. At that time each Division had its own label for the washer refill bottle and I think that went thru about 1962 or so. Seems it may have been called "KleerView" at that time instead of OptiKleen. Here's a pic that the Olds crest would indicate is for 1961 http://www.opgi.com/cutlass/D400414/

I think it came with both single and two-speed wipers with washer.

As late as about 20 years ago GM still offered it thru the parts system, although in a triangular plastic bottle.

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