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1920s (?) Buick transmission for sale, cheap

Pete Phillips

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At the annual Chickasha, Oklahoma Pre-War Swap meet yesterday, I met a man who has an unidentified Buick transmission which he would like to see go to someone who can use it. He said it would be cheap--the idea is not to make $$$ but to keep it from being junked. I forgot to take a photo of it, but it is clean, includes the two steel or cast iron foot pedals which are attached to the transmission assembly, and has the shifter lock at the base of the shift lever. I believe we determined that it is the "reverse H" pattern, which makes it 1926 or earlier--am I correct on that? It has the torque tube/ball flange on the end. I'm sure it is 1920s or late 'teens. It had a number stamped on a four inch by one inch machined surface on the left side, and that number began with "1". I know this isn't much help, but if anyone is interested or if you can help identify the year, you can call the owner, Lloyd Arthur, at (806) 632-8557. He lives in Ralls, Texas which is near Lubbock in the lower Panhandle of Texas.

Pete Phillips,, BCA #7338

Leonard, Tx.

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