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SURVEY: Who would like stereo 16 way seats?

Guest steveskyhawk

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Guest steveskyhawk

While I was on a short vacation from the forum I continued to work on reproduction parts for our Reattas.

Question: If a 16 way seat is nice and comfortable for the driver then why wouldn't you want one for your passenger too? We have determined that "stereo" 16 way seats were available from the factory in 1989 Riviera T Type as an extra cost option and as a special order in your new Reatta if you were a new Reatta buyer and knew they were available.

I have had reproduced the critical parts needed to do this upgrade. The part that is currently very hard to find is the switch pod bezel and it's mirror image for the passenger seat. These reproductions are nearly identical to the original part and are made of plastic. They look light years better than the original bent and dented bezels. With the posession of new matching bezels the conversion is easy.

How many of you would be interested in doing this upgrade? Comments? This is not a commercial offering. Unit pricing has not yet been evaluated. I have one set of prototypes and am interested to know if others are interested in doing this upgrade.


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Getting ready to put the "real" 16 way on the pass side of my 88 (when the weather gets decent - if ever) and have been contemplating this very issue. I had already talked to a local engraving shop about doing a set of bezels for my own use (have dealt with them for other similar projects in the past) as they have a laser engraver/cutter that will do the job. That said, if you are getting ready to produce these (contingent on interest) and the price is right (read: equal to or less than what it will cost me to do my own w/the engraving shop) then I'm game for at least one set. I'd like to think that the 91 will get dual 16 ways eventually, but I've no current plans for that due to time and funding constraints. I simply have more worthy projects vying for a slice of the budget to change the perfectly good 6 ways out right now.

Am I correct in presuming that the unit price will be partially dictated by the number ordered? If so, then it is probably not likely there will be much of a quantity discount as very few owners will probably do this upgrade. Just being realistic about that I think, unless I have seriously misjudged the number of people who will really want this.


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