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Many 46-48 Roadmaster Parts Needed, PM me if you have parts and lets talk

Guest rockyp

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Guest rockyp

I am in the middle of my 48 Roadmaster 4 door restoration. There's a lot that I need. Probably too much to actually sit down and write, but here's a sampler of some of the things I"m looking for. But I'm certainly open to listen if you have nice quality items, shoot me a message and a price. rpavkov@maxonlift.com

rocker panels

The front door, both sides, triangular glass (smoker's window) - mine the glass is bubbling. If yours in nice and clear, I'd be interested in those.

Both sides, side view mirrors, mine were completely shot.

both sides, rear doors, tri-glass (smoker's window) - mine , the chrome trim is all rusted and trashed. if yours are good, let me know.

spare tire jack

the four 'buick' aluminum floor scuff entry guards, mine aren't great. Let me know how yours look.

Inside rear view mirror

Interested in hearing about any NOS / Excellent Cond'n Items you may have.

I'm in Ohio

Thanks all..

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