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Cylinder Head Temp Switch '69 Riviera


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Hi everybody,

I am making some progress with the restoration of my '69 Riv - after fixing the leaking headlight vacuum relay last week (huge PITA!) I started today with the chaotic wiring in the engine compartment.

First thing that I learned is that there are some connectors that simply fly around as long as some extras are not installed (4 tone horn, cornering lights). Irritating but at least that is how it is supposed to be. Though I found one unconnected light green/black cable. With the help of the service manual I identified it as the connection for the cylinder head temp switch. The problem is that there is definitely no temperature sender in the engine block of my Riviera.

Here is a picture of how it should look like:


I cannot clearly identify a thread at the back of the cylinder head that looks as if a temperature sender would go into it. I checked the spare engine that I have and compared it with the above picture. It seems to me that the sender has to go into the marked thread:


Can anyone confirm that the temp switch has to go into that thread and even more important: where can I get one?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Regards from Germany,


P.S. I am still looking for a good grill!

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You are correct that the cylinder head temperature switch must screw into the back of the left head. The part # 6489285. I did a search on parts voice.com Welcome to the part locator The first drop down menue will ask for a manufactor, then put in the part # then your zip. Four suppliers came up as still having NOS.

If you are looking for parts, I would suggest that you join the Riviera Owners Assoc. Welcome to the Riviera Owners Association Homepage. They publish a bi-monthly magazine that has many suppliers and used parts for sale.

Robert Bonto #277 ROA

Technical Advisor 71-73:D

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[...] The part # 6489285. [...]

Brilliant! - Thanks Roberto. With the part number I found the switch in no time. Bought and on its way across the pond.

The ROA-Membership is on my birthday wish list so it should be only a matter of time until I join you and the others.



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