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Dynaflow Transmission & Torque Converter

Guest CameoInvicta

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Guest CameoInvicta

I'm selling a spare Dynaflow trans and converter I have laying around. I originally intended to put it in my '62 Invicta, but I decided to swap in a ST400 at the last minute instead. It came from a '62 Electra. I was told it was in working condition when I purchased it 3 years ago. It's supposedly from a low mileage car that rusted out from the Minnesota winters. It has a new front seal and rear seal. The screen has also been cleaned and the pan re-sealed.

It comes with a converter. I was told the switch pitch feature inside the converter doesn't work, but I'm not sure why. All the stators and vanes appear to function correctly. If it's a deal breaker, I'd consider including the torque converter from my original transmission, which I know functions correctly.

I have receipts for new seals. Pics are available upon request.

Located in Maplewood, MN. I'd like $100 for it. Local pickup prefered, as I've never shipped something this heavy.

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Guest 63 Rivi Owner
Price now $50...

Hi, still have that transmission and converter? I am looking for a converter for a 63 rivi to go on a twin turbine dynaflow.

Brian J.

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