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1932 Commander parts needed

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Wanted the following parts for my Commander 1932:

Houdaille Shock Absorber front and rear with links, Studebaker part# 179168R,179169L, 179170R,179171L, 176258 and 175014. The shock absorber was also used on President -33 and the links on Dictator-32, Commander-33 and President-32.

Shock Absorber Ball Studs front and rear part# 175749.


Two Side Wheel Carrier Shaft part# 253643W and Clamp upper part# 251873W. Also used on Comander 30 - 32 and President 31 - 32.

King Pin Set, also used on Commander 29 - 32 and Dictator 29-32.

Outside door handle rear - right side

Door Hinges, one front upper and one rear upper and one lower.

If you have some of these parts or know someone who may have, please let me know.



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