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Center High-Mounted Stop Lamp

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My 89TC stop lamp mounted above trunk is not working, tail-mounted brake lights are ok. I want to check the bulbs but am not sure how to access them. Does the red lens simply pop out using a small screwdriver? I didn't try that for fear of breaking the lens, being that it appears to be somewhat brittle. Also, I attempted to remove the lamp itself to check the wiring connections, including the ground, but cant locate the two mounting screws. The shop manual says they are under the tonneau but I couldn't locate them anywhere. Would appreciate any info that members can provide regarding this problem.

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There are a number of threads about this.





I like what Mike did to his TC. Making them sequintal would be really neat. I will put some thought to it, but not sure How to do it yet.


Fixing the 3rd brake light is do able

Good luck

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Thanks Lkvr, I got my light working, I found the mounting screws under the rubber weather seal and disassembled the light, which allowed me to troubleshoot the light. The problem was the ground wire terminal located on the aluminum grounding strip, which was corroded and unable to complete the ground circuit. I cleaned the small terminal using a pocket knife (scraped it) and then installed a small screw into the center hole of the terminal, which apparently reestablished the ground circuit continuity. The light now works fine. Hope this info will help others with light problems.

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