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The Bugle articles on 1923 Buicks

Mark Shaw

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I just finished reading the March issue of The Buick Bugle. Wow what great articles on the 23 Buicks. I know I am biased when it comes to prewar Buicks, but this issue was particularly good with great photos of restored and unrestored cars a trucks. Nice Job Pete!

I especially liked Brian Heil's article Bitten By th Buick "Bug", about how he became a PreWar Buick enthusiast & still had a young family. Although Brian also invited everyone to join us for this year's PreWar AfterTour, he did not mention that he is our tour leader this year.

Brian was our tour leader for the Flint AfterTour and he did a terrific job. We had so many beautiful touring roads and interesting destinations to visit, we actually ran out of time to see them all. So,I am confident we will have another great tour!

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