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1928 1929 Windshield Regulator

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I have the mechanism that lifts the windshield up and down in a sedan or coupe (presumably) in the attached photo for sale. I believe that this is for a 1928 and/or 1929 Chrysler, possibly other years too. If you are interested, please contact me.




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Hi David

Fyi This looks a lot like the one on my Plymouth 29U. The April 1, 1934 Ply Master Parts List gives a P/N of 11-B-0720 for a Windshield regulator assembly for 28Q and 29U. It would fit a Business/rumble seat Coupe and 2/4 door sedan.

Thanks for posting. I don't recall seeing one for sale before. If you have the handle for sale, I would be interested.


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