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1971 Riv Boat Tail - need help for searching parts

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Hi guys

I need parts to restorate a 1971 Buick Riviera Boat Tail, but I am not pretty sure how the parts named I should search for.


How are the colored marked parts named correctly?

Blue: Corner light bezel ?

Yellow: ???

Red: ???

Green: ???

Thanks in advance


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Hi Lars,

I have sometimes similar problem and I use this method (similar to what you have done above): shooting a picture of the part, or area of the car, or drawing from the manual, and marking the part I need in some graphic tool. Then using some free service (like Picasa from Google), sharing that picture in the Internet, so part supplier can see what I need/what I mean.

Here are examples:




Have you already a manual book for Riviera ? This is also a great help.

Greetings from Poland

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@ewing & buick-riviera.pl

Thanks for your replies.

Found the yellow one in GM's part catalog.

It is called eyebow trim.


Also I found the red/green one (one part bezel for headlamp)


And of course the blue one (corner light bezel) in the catalog




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