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Photos Up On Annual Winter Tour In Belgium!


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Every year, I enjoy seeing the photos of the great antique automobile tour held in the middle of February in The Ardennes region in Belgium. They are finally up on the Royal Veteran Car Club of Belgium website. If you are not French-speaking, or from Belgium, "Fagnes Hivernales" translates to "marshy area in winter" and is the name for a tour for WWII or earlier automobiles held by the RVCCB. Almost invariably, the weather is awful...usually a bit of snow...and the photographs are fantastic.

Not for the feint of heart -- this year's participants were blasted by rain, sleet and snow. Autos I spot in the 100+ pictures are:

  • 1914, 1920, 1929, 1930, 1943 FORDS
  • 1930 DE SOTO
  • 1927 PACKARD
  • 1927 LAGONDA
  • 1929 HOTCHKISS
  • 1909 MINERVA
  • 1925 SUNBEAM
  • 1928 BUGATTI

THEY ARE ON: "1927 Peerless 6-72" thread by "Peerless Belgium" here on the Peerless Forum, Post #4, click on the highlighted letters: rvccb, when the site comes up, click on: "FR" rather than NL (so you can read it in French instead of Dutch), and click on the event: "Fagnes Hivernales 2013".

Or, go to the car club's site directly: www.rvccb.be

Of particular interest are photographs of a '29 Model A Cabriolet(with the top down) and Twenties Fiats and Bugattis(no top whatsoever) driving through a snowstorm!

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