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Please ID this car


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This was taken in front of an apartment house on West Chestnut Street in Kingston NY in 1953 or 1954. Us folks on the Kingston NY facebook page would like to completely ID it - year, make, model and, if applicable, coachbuilder. Should be pretty simple. Thanx.


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I take that back; 1937 Cadillac.

Front fenders/sidemounts are wrong for Buick for 1936, and it can't be a 1937 Buick, because of the fender-mounted license plate. Can't be a LaSalle because LaSalle didn't have a convertible sedan in '36, and in '37 their convertible sedan had a sloped back. Cadillac still had a fender mounted license plate in 1937 (and '38), and the front fender with sidemount looks more like '37 than '36.

So, 1937 Cadillac, my final answer.

BTW, hi Rick.:)

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One more thing. Rick asked for model number also. Based on both doors being front opening, it is a series 70, since both doors swung open from the middle on the Series 60. Too small for either the Series 75 or 90.

1937 Cadillac Series 70 (V8) convertible sedan, body by Fleetwood. Original price $7,400.

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The curvature of the rear side glass and top line kept puzzling me, because all the Cadillac pictures I found showed a much more squarish look... Until I found these two photos, both of the same year and model of Cadillac (sereis 70 NOT 75), but both with different rear side window/top design. They must have changed sometime in the year. Perhaps Cadillac's Series 70 offering was initially built upon the Buick body, and later on they made some slight changes (all just guesses).

So, to me, it looks identical to the creme colored car shown here: 1937 Cadillac Series 70 convertible sedan by Fleetwood.



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