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Maxwell 4 cylinder engine, chassis, running gear on eBay 3/14-3/20/13

Guest JBT

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FYI, We have listed a rough mostly complete circa '16-'23 Maxwell engine, chassis, and running gear, complete with magneto, brass carb, and starter/generator for auction on eBay 3/14-3/20. Hope to see it go to an appropriate home. Might deliver to Chickasha.

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Tell me more! Pictures?

The eBay auction ended 3/20 without a sale. This is a 1918 Maxwell 4-cylinder engine and complete drive train in chassis, in heavily weathered condition. Readable part of engine number: "B3329" (which could indicate an earlier engine, but there may be 2 illegible leading characters, and there should not be a "B"; no visible chassis number). Magneto ignition, brass carburetor, combo electric starter/generator. Engine, trans, rear, front axle, spindles, & steering gear complete and assembled but internal conditions unknown. At least 3 wrong wheels, no radiator. Includes hood and open car cowl correct for 1918. Since the auction, some family members have expressed an interest in taking on the project as a depot hack, but we might still consider offers in the vicinity of $1K. There are photos, but it appears I cannot upload them here. Try searching eBay item # 300875939574. I think it will still come up with photos.

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