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1975 Buick Lesabre Convertible floor pan or patch panels

Guest Mike_Bytes

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Guest Mike_Bytes


I am having difficulty sourcing a replacement floor pan or pan patch panels for a 1975 Buick Lesabre Convertible. This is my initial request but I would appreciate all leads for sheet metal sources.

I assume that the floor pan for the Buick might be the same for other GM vehicles of the sameera, such as the Pontiacs or Chevrolets of the day. Any compatibility information would be greatly appreciated.

This is a rust-belt vheicle that I have inherited and I am doing my best to do the vehicle justice, although it is clear that it will never achieve 'as-original" status.

Thanks for any/all feedback.


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I have a number of 1971 through 1975 GM convertibles. I am unsure if the Eldorado floors differ but the others all have the same floors. Even the 4 door sedans (but not wagons) share the same floor pan. The only difference is where the sedan post is welded in. At that point the pan wraps around the sedan post and so there would be a small section missing if the whole pan is used for a convertible. I have never replaced a full floor pan but I have done a number of sectioned pieces. These cars very often have rust at the bottom sections of the foot rests and under the rear seat. These pieces are quite easily sectioned from a sedan body and welded into the convertible floor. If rust is more extensive I believe larger sedan floor sections, even the support braces, are the same. I have found the sedan floors are generally solid, even here in Wisconsin. Trunk floors are a bit more difficult to find but that is a different story. Good luck. Ben

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