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Neat Franklin Truck

Steve Braverman

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This photo appeared in another thread http://forums.aaca.org/f169/vintage-delivery-trucks-main-street-u-342440-13.html#post1144058 which is fascinating. Have any Franklin folks seen this truck before? It appears to be a converted car, but the rear wheels appears to be much beefier than the front. I've seen larger rear wheels on larger barrel hoods. Is this a model H?

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Neat photo. It's based on a 1907D. You can always ID an H by the hood handle. On an H it is ahead of center. On the D and G it is aft of center.

This car is too big for a G. It has the 1907 battery box, head and side lamps and the D full- floating rear end. But... It does not have the characteristic curved firewall, the steering column and levers are special too. I suspect it's a factory job.


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Hi Steve, I was in your neck of the woods a few days ago and picked up the Sears TK had . He is a nice man and a good chef. He had kind words for you and your dad. Mike

Hi Mike, I'm surprised TK sold his Sears. I'll have to thank him for lying about us ;) He is in fact a good chef, I stop at his restaurant every now and then when I'm up in his area. Are you keeping the Sears? My father maintains a registry of Sears cars.

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