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Proposal for car collections / wanted to restore

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I got this through the WPC CLub Email so I thought i would post it here if anyone is interested. They are currently looking for cars from California, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho, Utah, Oregon and Washington for this project.

If anyone is interested, Reply directly to the email ink at the end, don't reply to this post.


You might be able to help me. The company I am working for NERD TV -

( www.nerdsite.co.uk) are casting for a new car series for one of the major US

broadcasters and I was hoping you might circulate this email along with the

flyer attached to anybody you think might be interested or might know somebody

that would. (the more people I get this out to the better!)

Essentially we are looking for people who have anout of f control car

collection, ideally 20+ vehicles es that are in various states of repair. We have

two experts (one being a very famous west coast customizer) that would visit the

collection and value certain cars as they are currently and also what it would

take to restore them. They then negotiate how best to restore a certain car for

the owner....using other parts and cars from their collection. The collection

will fund some of the work but there will be a full team working to restore and

customise in a 24 hour garage. The whole process would take a number of weeks

with incredible results.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in or somebody you know

might be please pass on my email and the flyer attached. The next phase would be

that I would send out a questionnaire for them to fill out.

Any questions just ask. The email address to direct people to is

cars@nerdtv.co.uk or they can reply directly to me.

We are based in London but the series is for the US. I am due out there in the

next couple of weeks so I̢۪m looking to meet people that might be suitable le in

the coming weeks.

There might be somebody that you guys know involved at the Chrysler club that

might be keen or they might know just the person. All is kept in the strictest


Many thanks,

Keith. keith@nerdtv.co.uk

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