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Glass taillights 37-42' Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge and Desoto

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I received this email through the WPC Club. If anyone is interested please contact the seller directly through the Email link.

Do not reply to my post.

Just recently acquired a box full of glass taillight

lenses. They are new and almost all are still in their original boxes with the

part numbers. These lenses range from '37-42' Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge and

Desoto. I also have 3 windshield visors for '53' Desoto S16 & S18 / '53'

Chrysler C56 C58 C60. These are for 4 door Sedans & Club Coupes. These are also

new and still in original Boxes. I also have a few headlight Bezels.Just

thought one of your members might be in need or know of someone that is. If so

I can send a complete list of all that I have.

Chuck Poage


Michigan Email:

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