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1956 Buick Special 4dr parts

auto doug

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I'm parting out a solid 56 Buick from western Kansas the front fenders were near perfect as were the inner fenders so they sold right away, the frt bumper and grill are still available and are very nice condition no dings or dent very straight the chrome is a little week with surface rust, the pot metal on the grill is about the best you'll ever find from a parts car, lot of other parts to much to list call or email you needs I try to help, I'm loosing my storage building in a few weeks so I have to cut the rest the car up this weekend, so Hurry, located in Lincoln, Nebraska 402 474 2344 email info@autokraftnebraska.com

thx Doug











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What a shame, that car looked really solid, I had to get rid of a 57 Super years ago due to lack of storage, one of my many regrets in life, good luck selling the parts!

What was a shame is some one hauled it in the scarp yard to get crushed! I saved in the nick of time and had to convince the old grumpy iron yard guy to sell it, So at least now many of the parts are on there way to aid others with there restorations and the spirit of the Buick lives on! Maybe you should buy the rear clip to make it into a couch it might soften up your regret ? lol i to am loosing my storage only problem with that is my storage bld is 20,000 sq ft old military building from 1941 now it going to be torn down.

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Glad that you argued with the yard guy and got it for parts at least, I would die or at least cut off some extremeties for a 20,000 sq. ft storage/work area. I am used to a 2 car garage work area, which at my new house is now a 1 car garage, basically useless to dig into a project. Good luck selling your parts!

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