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1929 Peerless, 1913 Cartercar, 1927 REO, 1905 REO, 1936 Auburn

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post-53121-143141794662_thumb.jpg This is selling spree is alot of fun. Four cars sold, a bunch to go. Time to make some space. If you have any interest in any of these cars you can contact me at Brian Coffee 937-776-7202, I am located in Dayton Ohio price as follows 1929 Peerless $12,000, 1913 Cartercar yellow car $45,000, 1927 Reo two tone blue car $12,000, 1905 REO 1 cylinder $40,000, 1936 Auburn 851 running chassis, engine complete rebuild, in first pic and 2 door convertible body in second pic 100% complete $ 45,000 Thanks<!-- google_ad_section_end -->






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You have a lot of nice cars - what is the story? Dealer, collector, just really lucky?

Wish I had a big bag of cash! Good Luck with the garage sale!


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