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Does anybody know what kind of puller this is?

Guest Ralmeter

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Guest Ralmeter

I have a puller that has a 18" to 28" spread over all length is 30". It's made by Miller MFG of Detroit there is a part number SP 1353. Does anyone have any idea how old it is and what it was used for?

The other photos are too big to send.







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Looks like a puller for gears or pulleys on farm, or industrial machines and equipment. Even though it is long it is light to medium duty given the diameter of the threaded bolt in the center. Could also be for disassembling a multi stage clutch for rebuild or similar app. Dandy Dave!

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It looks like a rear engine support tool to hang over the frame rails and support the rear of the engine when you pull the transmission.

I agree with this i.d. I have seen similar items in shop manuals.

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