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Wanted- Brass headlamps,Snake horn & more


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I'm looking for a pair of Brass Headlights, Lucas, "king of the road" see images at my web address.<BR> <A HREF="http://www.marindirect.com/wt.jpg" TARGET=_blank>http://www.marindirect.com/wt.jpg</A> <P>Also looking for brass auto snake head horn, side & tail lamps, <BR> a British brass AA license plate badge (wings on top) & brass RAC badge (this one has shape of spoked wheel with crown on top, face in center.<BR>I know these are hanging in someones barn or garage... Drop me an email.<BR>Thanks, Brian<BR>California, - Golden Gate region AACA<BR>reply@marindirect.com<BR>(forgot my password..)<P>AACA member from about 1973.

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