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Cowl band info needed


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All standard commercial vehicles had the black band until about mid '31 when they changed to body color. Deluxe pickups and Deluxe deliveries had the "rustless" trim. Don't confuse the Deluxe pickup with the standard pickup; they are two different body configurations ( and pretty rare)! Remember, Ford trucks were made to be low priced and work hard, they were not embelished at the factory! No extra sidemount , no rear bumpers and no whitewalls and all bed wood is painted body color NOT VARNISHED! Trucks were not even rubbed out on the line until late in '31 so shiny paint on the hood, body and bed is not authentic.

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Thank you sir! Yeah, I know the whitewalls are incorrect, but I had them and it brightened it up SO much I couldn't resist! Wood in bed is black. I have a correct painted band now so I will use that. My pickup currently has none on it.


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