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1939 Plymouth P7 or P8 Steering Column shaft Needed

Scott Bonesteel

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Trying to find the steering column shaft for a 39 P7 Plymouth. Parts books seem to indicate the P7 and the P8 are the same (Part #691445), even though the P8 is a column shift and the P7 is a floor shift. Shaft is 3/4" diameter, with the hole down the middle for the horn button. Most important, the steering wheel end is splined for the wheel, not a keystock. Spline is 40-tooth, looks like 11/16". Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Guest Henry White
I just bought a 1939 Plymouth coupe parts car. I will be picking it up soon. It still has the steering column in it. Do these match your needs ?


I believe all 39 Plymouth cars are the same except the 7 passenger or limo. The long shaft OP seeks is called a tube & worm assembly in the Mopar parts books. The short piece which mates to it inside the steering box is called a shaft & roller tooth assembly. Write to nosmopar@aol.com if you want nos pieces. He may be able to help.

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