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88 convertible?


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Please have some good copies made and send to me. I will pay for everything. This information needs to go to the San Diego museum to be displayed with the convertible.

If anyone missed it, (info is in this issue of the Reatta newsletter) IVY Tech in Lafayette Indiana had a red Reatta convertible on loan from GM. Turns out it was made from a 1988 Reatta coupe, the vin was 900039, a very early 1988 IVY wanted to get rid of the car and with the help of Kingsley Baker, the San Diego Auto Museum said they would take it. Reatta owners pledged the funds to transport the car from Indiana to California and it arrived there last fall. I visited the museum in November, assesed what the car needed and again Reatta owners have donated the parts. The car will be semi-restored so that it can be put on display and we need as much documentation as possible to go with the car.

The car was used by GM/Buick as a teaser for the 1990 convertible. The photo above is small but notice there are no hole in the boot to accept the top pins. This was later corrected with "dummy" parts that resemble the production pads. The car never had a convertible top.

A picture of the car also appeared in the "winter" 1988 issue of Inside Buick magazine, "winter" is a little confusing because this was Jan-Feb 1988 when the magazine was published, just when the new 1988 Reatta was announced. I am attempting to contact the GM photographer, hoping he will have more pictures.

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