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March Bugle is now online

Bill Stoneberg

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I tried logging in using my iPad and I was prompted for ID and password, which I entered incorrectly. Thereafter, I couldn't get the ID/password prompt to appear. I just now logged in using my laptop computer instead and had no problem. Sorry about the confusion. Thanks Rob (75RivGS) for letting me know the system is working, and thanks Bill for following up.


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Guest 70WildcatVert

I just received my first paper copy by mail. Wow. It is not what I was expecting. Very nicely done. Two things: I'm looking forward to the next issue and I'm now in love with the pre-wars.Thanks,Sean and Tracie

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Marck, I typically try and add this each month for new members but failed to this time.

If you have logged into it before, a sign in window should pop up possibly with your saved User Id and Password already filled in. If not:

The program will ask for a User Id and Password.

Your User ID is your email address as is on record with the BCA office.

An Example is: tomsmith@gmail.com or wdoe@msn.com.au etc.

The password will be your first name as it is on your mailing label and your BCA Number. Tom Smith will be tom and the BCA number (tom12345)

If you have both your name and your spouse's name they will be combined. Tom & Mary Smith will be tommary plus the BCA number(tommary12345).

If you have your first & last initial they will be combined.T.A. Smith will be ta and the BCA number(ta12345).

All letters will be lowercase

If you still see the previous months issue, clear your Browser Cache.

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