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help please to decode vin # on 1977 MG

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thanks to anyone for taking time to help me decode vin # on 1977 MG roadster

VIN # is: GAN6UH19164G


jerry whitfield

winston salem NC

The numbers decodes as follows:


H: Engine between 1400 and 2000 cc. (This should be an H, not an A. There was no A in this place.)

N: Body = 2 seat roadster

5: Mark III or later (post 1969, all MGBs) (This should be an 5, not a 6. There was no 6 in this place.)

U: North American specification car

H: 1978 model year of manufacture

19164: Sequential number*

G: Abingdon factory

* The Original MGB by Anders Clausager, which I used to decode this VIN, says that 1978 model year production numbers ran from 447001 through 468880. Your number does not fit that sequence at all. A number that low would have been for an early 1970 model year car, which would not have the other characters you VIN has. This should be investigated.

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I know it's an old thread, but the previous poster had it a bit wrong. This car is an MG Midget, not an MGB.


A: Small capacity (originally A series engine)

N: Open two seater sports car (A+N = Midget)

6: 6th series of this car, 1975-1979 = 1500cc

U: USA version

H: Model Year 1977

19164: car number. 1977 model year starts at 182001 (August 1976 build date). OP must have left out a digit.

G: Abingdon

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