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1948 Station Sedan Not Mine

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1948 Packard Woodie Wagon


Shown here is our '48 Packard Woodie Station Wagon. It has a straight 8 cylinder flathead engine which turns over feely. The original 65 yr old interior has come apart at the seams, but amazingly, is still in nice shape, and useable if you sewed it back together! This is a real woodie with structural wood in places! Very collectible and rare car. Most of the wood is useful for patterns, but the back door upper hatch is missing alltogether. This car isn't very rusty, and is very restorable! It would make an easy project. Thanks for looking. (641) 512-5229 Do not text or e-mail me asking if the item is still available for sale If for some reason the web-link doesn't work to view the photo album with all the pictures of this veh

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Yes he has had it off and on. Craigs List allows folks like these who are never going to restore these cars to see what the market will do for them, so prices are a little high. It promotes negotiation. Half the time I get the car, the other half we just agree to disagree.

This one in my opinion is a $4000 to $5000 car. Extensive rust, needs so much new wood.

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You can ask here or on the PAC website or PackardInfo.com but you'll get quite a variety of responses. NADA pricing guide lists a 1948 Packard Station Sedan as follows:

High Retail: $133,200.00

Average Retail: $58,100.00

Low Retail: $31,600.00

NADA defines 'Low Retail' as: "This vehicle would be in mechanically functional condition, needing only minor reconditioning. The exterior paint, trim and interior would show normal wear, needing only minor reconditioning. May also be a deteriorated restoration or a very poor amateur restoration. Most usable 'as-is'. This value does not represent a parts car."

This does not describe this car. I would personally question the accuracy of the NADA estimates in this case. The values fluctuate by thousands comparing the 1948, 1949 and 1950 Station Sedan data but in fact... it's the exact same car. The design was never altered.

I have no doubt that the car in question could be restored to be worth $80,000.00 or so but... It would probably take more than that to get there.

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You asked specifically about a 1950 Chrysler Town and Country. $4000 for a complete car with wood for patterns is OK. I would love to own it if you pass. I own a 49 New Yorker 2 door club coupe and like the 48-50 Packards and Chrysler 8 cyl cars.

As you know, the 50 T&C is a 2 door hardtop, and this lends itself to less value then earlier T&C's that are convertibles. It also has less wood by a wide margin then either the 49 T&C or this Packard Station Sedan, yet the wood enhances the body.

For $4000 I would want a complete car, with a no rust frame and wood for patterns. I want a complete interior, even shabby for patterns and restoration. Drawback would be extensive rust, although I think the 1950 T&C is based on the new Newport hardtop with little difference. Still I would not want a lot of rust, especially structural.

Other then that $4000 is a good price in my opinion and I would buy it if I knew about it.

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There are pictures of it on my other forums about it.

It is kinda rough in my opinion but never know

In the case of the 50 T & C in Calif for $4000, that would cost you $1200-$1500 to bring up to MN. Meanwhile, you could offer less on this Station Sedan and get more value by saving on transport.

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