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For sale: 1960 and 1963 Chevrolet sales literature, excellent condition

Glenn Hamilton

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This is part of a larger GM collection I'm selling for an estate. It includes:

1. 1960 Corvair, 8X101/2, 8 color pages, $15

2. 1960 Chevrolet all models including Corvette, 8X 11 1/4, 26pp in color, $25

3. 1963 Chevy II, 8X 101/2, 16 pp in color, $15

4. 1963 Corvette (black), 9X 121/2, 8pp in color, $20

5. 1963 Chevrolet showing all models, 9X 13, 16 color pages, $25

Purchase all for $80 and I'll add a '58 Chevy ad. Glenn Hamilton, Dayton, Ohio glenn.hamilton@wright.edu



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