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Elliott Museum, Stuart, FL


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Has anyone been to the newly rebuilt Elliott Museum yet? I think they just had their grand re-opening last weekend. I visited there yesterday.

Very impressive place and undoubtedly *millions* went into the super high-tech automated rack system in which their old cars are handled for spectators' viewing.

But I have to say that it seemed rather sterile to view old cars through glass windows. I kinda miss the old funky version of the Elliott Museum, where you could get close to the cars, examine them, smell them, etc.

A lot of their other stuff that we used to like to browse, like antique kitchenware, miscellaneous antique industrial machines, and such, were also reportedly somewhere in storage, and I guess for the next six months a huge exhibit of big wooden replicas of Leonardo DaVinci machines take up huge amounts of real estate in the museum. Nothing against old Leo either, but it seemed that stuff was kind of suited for kids.

In all, I felt a bit empty after paying the $24 for two adult admissions.

I will call ahead next time to see if they have the kitchen/housewares/industrial machines on display...

Anyway you can check out their web site at: The New Elliott Museum - Let Your Mind Soar | Stuart Florida Museum

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I went back and looked at my photos and realize that I have to amend my comments above to give credit where credit's due, as far as some cool old vehicles that we were able to inspect "up close & personal" (in addition to those that were housed in the huge stacking mechanism behind the "do not touch" glass panes--one reference photo below of some of that):


In the big atrium lobby, to which the big stacking thing adjoins, there were some very cool old trucks, plus a few cars, and I'll insert several photos of the trucks below (I was inspired to focus on the trucks for now, due to the very popular current forum thread about "delivery trucks on main street"):











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I was just paging ahead by one month in my official AACA 2013 Calendar to jot down some upcoming event notes for myself, and noticed that the magnificent Ford AA United States Postal Truck that I photographed in the Atrium at the Elliott Museum back in February, looks very similar to the May 2013 Featured Vehicle in the Calendar (a vehicle noted to be a '31 model owned by Floyd West from NC, and superb photos of it by West Peterson). Looking more closely at the Calendar photo, however, I noticed that the numbering on the driver's door, "18905," is not the same as the numbering on the one that was at the Elliottt, which is visibly numbered "18421" (close but no cigar!).

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Hard to imagine that a bunch of cars behind glass would be enjoyable to visit.

The most "friendly" museum I've been in was the Museo Ferrari (Galleria Ferrari) in Maranello.

You could walk right up to every car, no ropes, nothing.....but if your hand started toward a paint job, the ubiquitous museum attendants would be at your side instantly, politely asking you "please don't touch".

The early Fiat race car (the basis of the Pocher kit) was, to me, the best car there......and you could walk up to it, or stand on a balcony above and look down on it...wow...

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