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How far can I modify a my Buick before the BCA frowns upon it?

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Wasn't the last BUICK engine installed in the last 1966 Electra off the line??



you da man Ben,

and for a little fun reading on the subject....



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Greetings all:

I have similar dilemma with a 1939 Buick Special convertible coupe I am "restoring". My goals are to preserve and protect the car from further deterioration, don't intend to enter show competition but would like to drive it. I intend to be practical about the materials and parts using original as much as I can but don't intend to make it a "checkbook" cost is no object restoration. Lastly, I don't want to significantly diminish the value for my heirs.

One area of concern is exterior paint, as I understand it original paint materials are no longer available but I have seen purists denigrate modern base-coat clear-coat paints. Fasteners are another concern to me, originals have no grade markings on their heads and I have a cabinet full of new Grade 8 nuts and bolts. I don't really like the original maroon color of the interior knobs and handles, ivory to me is much richer and appropriate for the car. The upholstery is much too plain for such a regal automobile. Don't want 1950's style tuck and roll but would like to break up the vast plain smooth areas, red leather of course.

Restore (practically), preserve and show it off on the road are my goals. Your comments are appreciated. Bob h

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Restore (practically), preserve and show it off on the road are my goals. Your comments are appreciated. Bob h

This does not sound like a dilemma.

Sounds like you know what you want to do.

Git 'er done. Have FUN doing it. Drive the wheels off of it when ready.

Hope to see it in Portland this summer.

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If you haven't already, I encourage you to find a factory dual carb setup at a minimum!

Ok so I'm kinda torn on a totally stock resto on my 47, I would really like to have things like a 41 Buick horn button, 41 Buick dual intake and exhaust setup, maybe a later (47-48) non banjo style Roadmaster wheel. Some mufflers with some real sound like porters or even as far as straight pipes. I think me and my dad who is an excellent wood worker could make our own country club style wood kit like the aftermarket ones that I've seen some lowrider guys use on the 46-48 Chevy Fleetlines. Just wondering how lightly modified vehicles are accepted or would I just get told I ruined a good car? I also favor spotlights and other factory and aftermarket accessories. Artillery style wheels that are popular on Chevy bombs. Here are some pics below for ideas of what I would like to shoot for all these cars are Chevys but they blow my mind.

1947 Chevrolet Fleetline Aerosedan - Lowrider Magazine

1946 Chevrolet Aero Sedan Fleetline - Lowrider Magazine

1948 Chevrolet Fleetline - Lowrider Magazine

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BCA board member Keith Horsfall is the founder of the Modified Division, and he would be delighted to answer questions about the Modified Division and judging modified Buicks at a national meet. His contact information is on the BCA website.

ALL BUICKS and their owners are welcome in the BCA. The BCA doesn't frown on anyone has a passion for Buicks, or any Buick. You are welcome!

Alan Oldfield

BCA #15140

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