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Help identifying late turn of century auto as studio prop

Guest KingsBluff

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Guest KingsBluff

I need help identifying the auto in the attached photo.

It is a tintype picture of my great grandfather in an auto that appears to be a studio prop (possibly at a fair or carnival)

From his NYC police uniform, I assume picture is late 1890's to early 1900's.

Any help on auto, date, or photo is greatly appreciated!


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Hi all,

Very interesting vehicle as I had not come across a photo of a car with such a strange forward steer position on a 'vis-a-vis', hence I doubted a De Dion. So I contacted one of our experts who advised :

Yes definitely a de Dion. This forward steer control opt pattern was a factory option, and more than one example still exists. In fact there is a chap near here, in N Cheshire (UK), who has one that was long ago, 1940s or earlier, changed back to the conventional placement of the steering column/hand controls, so that it looks almost like a standard pattern, but the mountings, now disused, for the forward placement can be seen below the floor boards.

Should know better than to disagree with Laden B!! The option was new to me.</SPAN>


Would love to use the photo on our Help Pages. Have cleaned/repaired the photo so if KingsBuff send me a PM with his email I can send him the repaired version.

Regards to all

Vintman (UK)

PS A photo of a 1900 De Dion Bouton Vis-a-vis with the front seat in the forward facing position can be seen on our Help Page 31 http://www.svvs.org/help31.shtml , second item down. The control coloumn is in the standard central position. Click on the photo to enlarge. Not a good print.

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