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For Sale: '35 Dodge Sedan with Side mounts

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I wasn't going to bother posting this '35 I found on a South Dakota Craigslist. I didn't think that I saw $950 worth parts at first until I noticed that it had dual side mount hardware. It's sort of funny, but from the camera angle I can't see the fender wells, but I'm sure that they must be there because of the hardware. What it's worth, I don't know, but to some guy who dreams of adding side mounts to his car, here's a good start. (Yes, I know that the side mount covers and, maybe, other things aren't there, but most of us are optimists, aren't we?)

1935? Dodge Brothers



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You know, Keiser, I puzzled over that myself. I got to thinking that I didn't know as much about Dodges as I thought. It's clearly a '35 body, so what the story is I couldn't begin to guess. I didn't mention it before, but It's likely that these fenders (after switching out the riveted on "catwalks" or inner fender extensions) will be correct for Chryslers and DeSotos, too. I know that would be the case if it were a '36.

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And just a quick note... About 50% of the '35's sidemount hardware parts are not correct for '36 Dodge. Just in case someone thought about the idea.

Thank you for sharing that. I'll bet that you came to acquire that knowledge that hard way, right?

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