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Detroit Electric wanted.

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I just joined the AACA and HCCA. I have been a member of both Model T national clubs and own several antique and classic cars. After seeing Jay Leno's 1909 Baker electric and photos of other early electric cars, I intend on purchasing one of these cars. They look like a blast to own and drive and being born and raised in Detroit, I think I would prefer a Detroit Electric from about 1914 to 1920 something. I want one that has been completely restored, as I am all done restoring cars at my age. I just saw a photo of Jack Beatty's 1916 Detroit Electric at a show and fell in love with his. Jack lives close to me and I will contact him to see if he knows of any for sale. I would appreciate any leads to such a car.

I have posted a 1926 Cadillac Brougham on the Cadillac forum that I could trade or buy the Detroit Electric outright.

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