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Any source for the old style rivet-on hubcap clips?

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I had a terrific time at York and did find some good goodies for my car. I also dropped off the tranmission to have it looked over.

While I wait for the transmisson to be worked on I am cleaning up some other loose ends.

I can readily find the insertable hub cap clips that were used more recently than the rivetted ones on my '46 Champ. Before I dremel off one from the spare, does anyone have a source for these older ones?

Thanks all

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Please find the part number of the clips you need.

There were different styles of riveted hubcap clips.

I stock thousands of different small items such as clips , special screws and items that will fit ,only as the originals.

I have spent many hours inventorying these small items by part number.

I am working on a database of "standard parts" as used by Studebaker , G-------, 642-45 etc.

There seem to be several systems used over the years with the latest G...... system that was used from 1954 to the end which came from Packard.

Packard used the General Motors parts system and Studebaker adopted this system in 1954/56.

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I noticed you have a 1947 Desoto Custom. I am looking for the hubcap clips (rivet-on type) that I believe were used on the 46-48 DeSoto wheels (5 per wheel) to hold the dog dish type hubcaps on. Any chance you have any of these clips or know where I can get them? I just need 5 of them for a spare wheel - which I would like to have the hubcap mounted to.

Any help appreciated...............Irv D

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Thanks Justin - I may have found a source for the ones for the Desoto. Another AACA member said to contact Dennis Bickford at (575) 443-1160 who is believed to reproduce the ones on 46-48 DeSotos, Chryslers, etc.

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