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1947 Buick Super Sedanette

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Well, I'm thinking of selling my 47 Buick - here's a high level of what's going on with the car:

I bought the car from a 93 year old gentleman - he stopped the driving the car when his knees got too bad to shift the car. I've mainly done mechanical restoration (that's really all it needed).

  • Interior: Pretty much 100% original - all bakelite is in excellent shape (steering wheel, radio knobs, etc). Driver's side of the front seat has a couple splits on the lower section. Carpet and headliner are in great shape. Window felts are original and in great shape - no leaks and all windows function smoothly and easily. Wipers work, all gauges function, and radio powers up but the vibrator appears to be faulty.

  • Exterior: Original colors appear to be the beige main color and a dark grey highlight on the roof. Obviously the car is now beige and burgundy and it shows very well (older paint job). Very straight body without a dent on it. Doors fit like a new car - no sagging and will latch with bareley more than a slight single finger push. Seals in good shape.

  • Mechanical: The old man had difficulty with the clutch and had damaged the sliding first/reverse and main cluster. In addition to new bearings and seals, I replaced the first/reverse and main cluster with NOS units. The car also received new pilot and throwout bearings, relined clutch, and rebuilt pressure plate. The car is still 6 volt and starts without hesitation. Motor runs very smooth and there is almost zero smoke from the road draft tube. Carburetor was rebuilt with a kit from Daytona Parts. When I bought the car, I wasn't too familiar with Buicks or their options (I'm the VP of the Central Texas Cadillac Lasalle Club), so I didn't think too much about the fact that the car had overdrive. Still not knowing too much, I haven't been able to find any info about freewheeling/overdrive being an option from Buick, but the overdrive looks factory. It's part of the rear end and the torque tube doesn't appear to have been modified, but it's shorter than cars without the overdrive rear. The overdrive is controlled by a period looking bakelite knob next to the steering column and a relay on the firewall which controls the engaging solenoid.

  • Suspension/Tires: I removed the stock springs and replaced them with a set of lowering springs made by Jamco. I have the original springs and made no other modifications to the suspension (knee actions shocks are intact and work). I did have the car aligned to adjust the camber for the lower stance. Ride is somewhat rougher on pot holes, but that's to be expected with the lower ride height. Tires are from Coker, are slightly larger than stock (7.00X16 instead of 6.50X16), and they don't rub.

I have additional pictures, but I'll just throw one up from a recent show. If you're interested, you can email me and we can chat. I'm asking 28k and the car is located in Austin, TX.




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Guest shimaseiki

Trust this message finds you well.

Since you owned a 47 supper sedanette, i thought perhaps you would know if the 47 - 48 roadmaster (76-S) and supper (56-S) would have the same body. I am trying to restore a 48 supper sedanette but instead i found a 46 - 48 roadmaster sedanette body shell at a scrap dealer, would the roadmaster be a perfect fit for the supper ?

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