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53 Hornet Overdrive question - what is it?

Guest Mark1934*

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Guest Mark1934*

What is that little thing sticking out of the overdrive, just under the speedomotor cable, which looks something is supposed to plug into. It looks like some sort of switch or sender. Has female plug ends for electric wire.

My overdrive has always works great. This thing has never had a wire going to it.

What is it?


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Yes, I agree, it is the reverse lockout switch. Does it look like the one here? Overdrive - Overdrive Reverse Lockout Rail Switch Fits 46-55 Station Wagon, Jeepster with Planar Suspension

You're sure that that overdrive is working as it should? You can go in and out of overdrive, and lock it out? I believe this switch prevents the accidental lock-up of the overdrive if you accidentally shift into reverse when the overdrive is enabled (OD knob is pushed in). Possibly you have never attempted to reverse under those conditions, so you've never discovered the consequences that this switch was designed to prevent!

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Jon is correct about reversing in OD. Not a good thing at all.

These switches were typically wired in series with the governor and provided the ground to the

OD relay. All conditions must be met or OD would not engage regardless of cable position.

A relatively simple harness. I would definitely correct this.

Do you know what model OD? I may have wiring diagrams.


My first car was a 52 Hornet. Sure would like to find another.

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