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Help with decoding tag, please...

Guest jerussel@msn.com

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Guest jerussel@msn.com

I thought I had some references to decode the tag on my 'new' '52 Special. I'm getting more confused, the more lists I look at....

any help would be appreciated.



Here are the codes:


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Mod 52-41D

Style No. 52-4369D

Body No. G 12495

Trim No. 41

Paint No. 20

Acc. BD

Buick model number 52-41D:

52 = 1952 model year

41D = 4-door deluxe tourback sedan, 6-passenger

Fisher body style number 52-4369D:

52 = 1952 model year

4 = Buick

3 = Special (3 was used instead of 4 for 1951-1953)

69 = 4-door tourback sedan, 6-passenger

D = Deluxe

Body No. G 12495

G = body built at Flint, MI

12495 = sequence number unique to body

Trim No. 41 = Pattern Cloth and Dark Grey Bolster

Paint No. 20 = two-tone Venetian Blue lower and Sky Grey upper

Accessory option codes:

B = Heater and defroster

D = Radio and antenna (Sonomatic)

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