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1957/58 Buick Exhaust hangers or info/pictures

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I'm installing the exhaust system and need some of the hangers for a dual exhaust system on a 1957 Century 2Dr HT. (Model 66R)

Front left bracket - Item# 3.704 1353395

Spacer - Item# 3.704 1168510 - used at little muffler (connected to main muffler) to create correct distance to frame. both sides.

Clamps over rear axle, both - Item# 3.704 1169488 Same Item# on both clamps.

Pictures/info of how the exhaust system is hung on to the frame is also appriciated.


Any help is highly appreciated.

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Sorry I can't help with supplying exhaust hangers for you but thought I'd post a picture of the rear hanger I found on the net some time ago.


This one goes on the rear tailpipe behind the axle. If I can get to my storage garage I know I have an nos front muffler with the correct hanger on it and will post it too for you.

Just a thought, you show a 57 Buick on your posting, not sure of the differences but..... did you check the hangers on that car to see if they are the same?


BCA# 35039

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:) yes, it is the exhaust system I'm putting together. And it is a NOS front muffler.

The car was original a single exhaust system. So I have the right front bracket that bolts to the frame, miss the left bracket.

I also have the NOS rear muffler, NOS rear hangers and NOS heat deflectors.

When I started to hang the system to the frame, I saw that there wasn't a front rubber/hanger part :(

So now I'm trying figure out how it looks our better, get the correct parts.

Again, any help is appreciated. So thank you dei for your input.

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