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WANTED ...source for WIRE wheel or steel DISC wheels for 28 Buick with wood spokes

Guest Dave@OldSchool

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http://www.rallyamerica.com/Used_Buick.html - still offers 21" Buffalo / Ash wire wheel(s). I bought the wheel they have at picture so maybe they have more of them. Bit expensive though. Once I saw complete front axle with wheels at Model T Haven - Your source for parts and pieces of the car that made history., but it is some time now and seems it has been sold since. Sometimes the wheels pop up on e-bay but it is really scarce.

I think the most difficult part is to find hubs. I have never seen them for sale. Brake drums can be converted - the centre hole and spoke hole pattern & size needs to be modified though.

What Buick do you have, Standard or Master? Any parts you can miss?

Good luck with your project.


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Guest Dave@OldSchool


Buick is an underslung and bobtailed '28 speedster , I am considering selling or adding boat tail

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