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Las Vegas Weekly Car Show-Cars and Coffee


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When in Vegas on a Saturday morning know that this once a week car show takes place. I had my Reatta there last week and it was the only one. Anywhere from 125 to 200 cars every week.


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Guest 89 Maui

Thanks for taking your car to the show. This is what the Reatta needs is more exposure at car shows to boost interest. But it does take the effort on Reatta owners to get to these shows. We can't take the position that some other Reatta owner will attend. The more shows we attend the more interest we can raise. The '88s are now considered antiques and can enter any of the shows.

So lets start attending these shows.

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We are leaving Vegas until December as of 3/12/13 or I would try to hook up. Whitey might be in town as he lives north of this weekly event. I have only had my Reatta since 1/16/13 and have been reliving the past when I had a 89 back in the year. My 1990 Coupe was in good shape when I bought it with the exception of the a/c unit, remotes, manuals, and a few switches. Yesterday I picked at an old 89 at a North Vegas Pic a Part and got a few things. We are off to Phx before we go East and I would like to visit the Reatta Farm before we get back on the road.

Cars and Coffee™ Las Vegas

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