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1934 Chrysler CB6 Convertible Sedan #328 of 450

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This may be my Dad's first car. He bought it in Switzerland, in 1948. It was our "family car" up to 1956. We don't know what happened to it after that. This car (or one identical to it), has turned up in Switzerland, coming from Portugal. As only 450 units of this model were made (I believe this is #328), I am trying to determine if it might be Dad's old car. The "Portuguese" car carries serial #6701050 and Body #645-328; it appears to have been restored, at least twice. Can anyone determine from the Serial and Body numbers what was the car's original destination and what were the original colors (body and upholstery? Dad's car was a kind of silver-gray color with brown leather upholstery. If the color codes correspond, then I reckon I am indeed looking at Dad's first car!

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