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First start after motor rebuild!

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When you rebuild your fuel pump be sure that you get a kit that is designed to handle the ethanol in our present day gasoline. The best kits that are available in my opinion are at Fuel Pump Rebuilding Kits - Then And Now Automotive I had my fuel pump rebuilt by them for just a small amount beyond the price of the kit. They did an outstanding job, bead blasting the body and replacing all the external screws with exact reproductions for visual effect. Their turnaround time was fast and it came back looking brand new. In addition I had a second pump as a spare that I rebuilt with their kit myself. As I liked the job they did on my first pump so much, I ordered a set of screws from them for a few dollars more and it came out very nice as well. It was really pretty easy to rebuild the pump at home if you choose to go that route.


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