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1949 Rubber parts

Guest Chrome

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Guest Chrome


I've encountered problem with different rubber parts, my car was painted quite a many years ago and when prepping they threw away old rubbers parts. Now It's been on the road without any wetherstripping and rubber bumpers etc. I finally decided to finish engine bay "resto" and been searching those absent parts. Ugly truth is that since I don't have pics of parts that I miss I don't have a clue what part numbers I have to buy from Cars or Bob's. I didn't expect such a variety and lack of details from them. I've got chassis and body manuals and shop manual but those are virtually useless when it comes to acquire parts you don't have or seller doesn't have original part numbers.

I can add few pics of areas that I need info (more detailed than whole car) :D Mine is 76S so even door weatherstrip kit is absent..

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