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Need seat belts for '63 Buick LeSabre

Guest Bill_Turner

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Guest Bill_Turner

I need seat belts for my '63 LeSabre. I understand that seat belts were a dealer option back then, and that there is no standard belt for 1963. I picked up two nice belts at the BCC national meet, but they are too short for the front seat. They will fit in the back seat, however. I would like to match the buckles and beige web color, or else just buy another full set of four belts to match a beige interior. Below is a photo of the belts I have. Any help in finding some seat belts will be appreciated, as my wife will not ride in the car without them!

Also, I'm new to this site and can't figure out how to get my signature information to show.

Bill Turner

Tallmadge, OH

BCA 43990

'63 Buick LeSabre

'11 Buick Lucerne


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