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How to replicate stamped hubcaps?


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I am stamping my own 32 Nash skins right now on my resto thread here on AACA.

Here is a link that someone posted on my thread:

There is a guy who regularly advertises in the New Zealand Car Club magazine Beaded Wheels, who says he can press out a perfect reproduction of any skin type hub cap up to

10 1/2" diameter so it may be worth while contacting him to see what he could do for you.

The contact is: Dave Patten Replica Manufacturing Ltd, email: patten@wise.net.nz Ph. NZ 027 247 7956<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

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I can't stamp a hubcap but I run a home based engraving business. If you don't find anyone else that can do this and if you have a way to produce the basic hubcap. I should be able to use one of your others as a guide, ceate a file of the logo, and using a rotary engraver, replicate your logo on your reproduced hubcap. I am willing to give it a try if you need me to.

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I don't know what diameter that Pontiac cap is, but I can measure one of my Vintique brand,"smoothy" stainless steel

caps that fit 40-48 Ford wheels. They have no logos and look like baby moons. These are very thin, just like skins, and if the diameter of the Ford caps are the same or slightly larger, then they could be used as skins to fit over the Pontiac shells.

EDIT: I measured the Ford smooth cap to be about 9.5", and the crown is about 2.5" up in the center.

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Hello All,

sorry, it's been a while for this posting but my project is well underway, I have some great updates to share... Regarding the hubcaps.. I had NO luck on finding a place to replicate, the offers here to engrave may be my best option. I will be in contact to all in near future once my project is underway again.. Via PM.


greatly appreciate!


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