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For Sale: 1940 to 1948 Ford Woodie Station Wagon Rain Gutters


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[TD=class: alt1, bgcolor: #F2F2F2]For Sale: 1940 to 1948 Ford Woodie Station Wagon Rain Gutters.

These are new aluminum rain gutters / drip rails made from an original set of 1947 Ford Woodie gutters.

They come in 12 foot lengths for 1941 to 1948 Fords and shorter lengths for 1940 and earlier Fords

These will work on 1939 and earlier Ford Woodies but they are not exactly correct.

They can also be used on other Woodies like Dodge, International and Chevrolet Truck Woodies.

Cost: $550.00 for a set of two plus shipping.

I am in the process of making the front gutter/retainer piece. They should be ready in a few months.

You can go to my web page, MikesWoodieBarn.com", to see photographs of the gutters under "Parts for Sale".


Mike Byrne







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Dear Woodeneye,

You can contact Ed Clark the "Woodieologist" at 914-834-0326. He has an insert that will work but it is not Ford correct.

You can also go to your local RV/Camper store and get 3/4" black vinyl insert. It is also not Ford correct but works great and it is inexpensive. It is used to hide the screws on camper retainer strips. If you can't find it let me know, I have some extra.

You pinch the side until it looks like the omega symbol then push it into the gutter opening.




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