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1938 Starter high torque fields

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I had a slow starting issue with my '37 Special when I first got it. More so when the engine was hot. Previous owner rebuilt the starter and solenoid to no avail. He also installed new battery cables intended for a 12 volt system (too thin). What I did was run 4/0 copper battery cables, one on the positive side of the battery to the solenoid and one from the negative side directly to the starter mounting bolt via properly crimped or soldered terminal ends. I then ran another cable (the woven strap will do) from the starter bolt to the frame and body. This increased the starter speed dramatically and eliminated the slow hot cranking also. This is with the 6 volt system. Never had a problem since, it's been over 10 years now. These cables are available at most heavy duty truck supply stores or shops.

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